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13 Year Old Shelf Corporation For $2695. Request A List Of Shelf Corporations Here.

13 Year Old Shelf Corporation For $2695. Request A List Of Shelf Corporations Here.

Delaware moves against shelf companies

Delaware Corporation or Wyoming Corporation? Montana Corporation instead? New Mexico LLC?

Delaware shelf company alert

“Listed Agents may not market ‘shell’, ‘shelf’ or ‘aged-shelf’ companies (or substantially similar products and services) through the registered agents’ website or the website of an affiliate or affiliated party.”

Delaware shelf company alert

A shelf company is simply a corporation or LLC that was filed in advance for the convenience and expediency of the client. That client may not acquire the pre-filed company until years after the filing of the articles of incorporation. The client simply buys a pre-filed company with the added advantage of some age. Otherwise, the client is stuck paying the Delaware $500 two-hour filing, or the $250 pre-clearance fee with the Delaware Secretary of State. The advantage of the aged shelf company is the added value of age is better than expediting an urgent $500 fee to the DE Secretary of State.

Delaware is now complaining that aging a shelf company is unethical while they charge $500 for a two-hour filing.

The Delaware Secretary of State is now disallowing Delaware registered agents from filing and selling shelf companies. And this bogus prohibition benefits the Delaware Secretary of State. How? People can no longer acquire an aged shelf company from their registered agent in Delaware. The client must now pay the DE SOS high filing fees instead.

Secretary of State

The Delaware Secretary of State now finds objection with this practice of filing and selling shelf companies. Attorneys and accountants pre-filed all sorts of entities for hundreds of years in a myriad of countries. And now, the DE SOS finds objection. Is it possible that Delaware is slowly turning its back on capitalism? Perhaps this is so.

Rule of Law

And the rule of law? There is no law, and I repeat–NO LAW. As a layman, I’ve been able to find no Delaware law that defines a shelf company let alone prohibit the registered agents from selling them. Calls to the DE SOS resulted in no law identified.

Delaware Self-Defecates

At the end of the day, Delaware self-defecates on over 100 years of precedent, and their pro-business reputation. Now, the Delaware Secretary of State will prohibit the registered agents from forming shelf companies based on policy, and in direct absence of the law. And here we are–a technocracy that rules by policy devoid of law. And those who make the policy are appointed.


Why is this important to you? After all, you don’t file or sell shelf companies. Of course it’s critically important. DE SOS is now beyond their proscribed role as an office that approves documents. The DE Secretary of State is supposed to act in a ministerial capacity in accepting payment and approving documents. This is huge step in mission creep. DE registered agents are quietly complaining that DE SOS is now moving into a policy generation agency without the law. This is alarming. Since the corporations and LLC’s in DE are filed according to the laws spelled out in DE, this is a critical misstep in the wrong direction by imposing rules without the effect of law.
The end result is that DE is now moving in the direction running their Secretary of State like a state or province within a third world country.

Likewise Nevada Goes into the Toilet

Pro-Business Legacy

Likewise, Nevada has crapped all over their pro-business legacy with a $500 business license, mandatory disclosure of the owners, and the annual list of officers for $125; the only one standing is Wyoming.

Adult Businesses

What makes Nevada worse is the adult businesses that makes it famous; prostitution, gambling, money laundering, cash for gold, drugs, pawn shops, massage parlors, etc. That whole idea, “What happens in Nevada stays in Nevada” attracts this element, and the financial services that corrupt.

For the above and additional reasons, consider incorporating in Wyoming, Montana or New Mexico.

Wyoming: The Best Choice for an Online Business

The State of Wyoming doesn’t require a business license. In Wyoming, there’s no state income tax or tax on shares. There isn’t a requirement to have a permit to carry a gun. Compare that to Delaware. Wyoming is the best place to run an online business, or for a company involved in trading stock, or holding real estate, or other assets. The asset protection is the best in Wyoming.

Wyoming remains the best place to incorporate, with low fees, the best place to do business, and protects the interests of those who do business within and from Wyoming.

Montana: The Best Choice to Build Business Credit

Montana corporations are most successful at building business credit. We offer eight year old Montana corporations for $1995. All of our companies are filed and maintained in-house. We guarantee that the company you buy from us is clean from all problems, liabilities and other issues. We only sell clean companies that are free from any transaction history.

New Mexico LLC’s don’t require an annual report or annual fee. We offer New Mexico two year old shelf LLC’s for $1100.

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