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13 Year Old Shelf Corporation For $2695. Request A List Of Shelf Corporations Here.

13 Year Old Shelf Corporation For $2695. Request A List Of Shelf Corporations Here.

Delaware LLC Vs. Wyoming LLC

Delaware Corporation or Wyoming Corporation? Delaware Corporation or LLC?

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Delaware Shelf Corporations & Delaware Shelf LLC’s

Obtain a ready-made aged shelf corporation immediately and easily. There’s nothing wrong with immediate gratification as long as it’s affordable.

Our aged shelf LLC’s and shelf corporations have no business history and no transaction history. There are no liabilities. Acquire a shelf company in complete confidence that there are no risks after capitalization. 20/20 hindsight is not necessary when a shelf corporation can do just fine.

No. In the past five years, there’s been an over use of Delaware Shelf LLC’s and Delaware Shelf Corporations to build business credit. Many people had obtained the credit they wanted and then failed to pay off the loan. Many lenders are now shy in lending to a Delaware Shelf Company.
You probably don’t know of anyone who has incorporated out of Montana. The State of Montana is the best choice for an aged Shelf Corporation or Aged Shelf LLC. Since the shelf companies from Montana are not over used to obtain business credit, it is the best solution at this time.
The window should remain open for the next five(5) years. As long as Montana shelf companies are not over used as they were in Delaware, then the loan window will remain open indefinitely.
Delaware is a great place to incorporate if you intend to go public with an initial offering of stock. In other words, if your company’s stock is to be traded on an exchange, then Delaware is the best option. If not, small business is best served by the States of Wyoming and Montana.
Most people in business want simple solutions for their clients. They want to make the sale and keep it simple stupid. We take the effort to educate and orient our clients as to their best options. For small business, Wyoming and Montana shine. Delaware remains the king for big business. If you’re big business, stay with Delaware. If you’re small business, then Wyoming and Montana are the best choices.
Montana is the best choice for aged shelf corporations. These shelf corporations are best used for building business credit. The annual state filing fee is $15. There’s a great respect for property rights. They require very little information.

Montana also doesn’t have a state business license. This means that no owners of the company are identified up until the point you buy the company. This is important. Since a change of owners triggers a reset of the company’s age in the eyes of the banks, you should buy an age shelf company where there was no previous registration of owners on the public record. This applies when you start using the company. After acquiring the aged shelf company, you must file it in the state in which you live and that typically requires a business license registration in your home state. In other words, the Montana company must then be filed in your state. Why? Because the bank wants to see that the business is also filed to do business in the state you live. In complying with that filing, you will disclose yourself to be the owner of the company. Since there was no previous business license filed, you are considered the first and original owner of the company.

Montana shelf companies are best to build business credit. Wyoming companies are best for asset protection and privacy.

What about aged shelf companies from the State of Delaware, Nevada or Wyoming?

The aged shelf corporations and the aged shelf LLC’s from Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming don’t measure up when applying for business credit. This is as a result of the companies being flagged for over use, and repeated failure to pay loan funds. You are better off using a shelf company from Montana at this time.

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Also, visit ShelfCorporation.US for more information on the shelf LLC and the shelf corporation. What is the purpose of the shelf LLC or shelf corporation?

Shelf Corporation Purpose #1

The shelf corporation is used to assume a business history.

Shelf Corporation Purpose #2

The shelf corporation is needed for asset protection purposes in certain circumstances.

Shelf Corporation Purpose #3

The shelf corporation makes business start-up easier when needing to establish business credit.

Shelf Corporation Purpose #4

Shelf corporations are ideal when action must be taken immediately, such as the transfer of key assets. This may apply in cases such as taxation and asset protection issues.

Shelf Corporation Purpose #5

There are promoters of shelf corporations that advocate the use of aged shelf corporation for the repair of credit, or an alternative form of credit for those who are credit challenged.

Shelf Corporation Purpose #6

A contract was entered into in the name of a corporation to be formed and an unforeseen liability has surfaced.